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Terms and Conditions

Event Terms and Policies

COURTESY NOTICE : Menu options are not interchangeable.
Deposits are required to secure your dinner event. Deposits are non refundable and will be applied to food and beverage purchases in their entirety. Cancellations will have their deposit returned to them in the form of a gift certificate minus a 20 percent cancellation fee.
Additional fees may be applicable for Guests requesting private suites.

Please Choose a Menu Option. 

*For Non-Corporate Events

White Wine_edited.jpg

Menu Option 1

At Sidebar Elegant Dining, we offer TWO MENU OPTIONS that provide a fantastic tour of our menu aligned with your specific budget.

MENU OPTION 1 : offers two set dinner packages at 75.00 dollar or 95.00 dollars per person. ( plus tax and gratuity)

These packages are the perfect way to treat your guests to delectable cuisine, elegant experiences and stay within a structured  budget.

Sidebar Holiday menu.jpeg
Sidebar Holiday menu.jpeg
White Wine_edited.jpg
White Wine_edited.jpg

Menu Option 2


This menu offers guests a more flexible dining option.

This A La Carte menu is streamlined and  designed specifically for busier evenings. From intimate dinners to celebratory parties, our packages are the perfect way to treat your guests to delectable cuisine and unforgettable experiences. 

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