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Private Party Venue in Edinburg , TX

Hosting a private party is a great way to thank clients and employees. However, planning a gathering that delights your guests can be stressful. The good news is that it doesn't have to be.

At Sidebar, we pride ourselves on creating an elegant, welcoming atmosphere for private parties. Here's what you need to know about creating an event that surpasses expectations and how we can help.


What to Consider When Scheduling a Private Party

The first thing to consider is who will be attending your party. If your interactions with them are more formal, such as when you work with people in the legal profession, you want to be sure to lean into a sophisticated feel for your event. 


Once you've thought about the ambiance you're trying to create, take a look at how many people you will be inviting. The number of attendees will affect which venues can accommodate you, so you can narrow down the choices to ones that can create the atmosphere you want. 

You will also need to choose the event type you want. Here are some of the different private parties to consider.


Cocktail Party

This simple gathering includes cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, but no formal dinner is served. 


Buffet Party

For this gathering, guests select their meal from dishes set out on a table or sideboard. The food can be as elaborate or simple as you choose, but the overall feel of a buffet tends to be more casual.


Dinner Party

A dinner party is an unbeatable choice for a refined, upscale event. A sit-down meal elevates the experience, and having a server attend to your guests creates an atmosphere of elegance. Excellent food and drink options make this party unforgettable. 


What's an Ideal Location for a Private Party?

For a truly special event, you want to match the venue's feel to the party's style. If you want to host a sophisticated party, the location must meet that expectation. 


At Sidebar, we have made every effort to make our establishment exquisite and polished. From the meticulously selected decor to the thoughtfully selected menu to our hand-crafted cocktails, every detail works together to immerse our guests in a luxurious atmosphere. 


If you're looking for elegance that feels effortless, we would love to show you what we have to offer. 


Feeding Your Guests

The food that's served at your event is a vital part of creating the experience you want to give your guests. The meal doesn't have to be complicated to be special, but it must be made to a very high standard. You will also need to consider how it will be served. In general, feeding guests at a party means you will have to balance giving them a variety of choices with convenience and expense. 


At Sidebar, we offer three options for special dinner events. The first package, available for parties with up to 20 guests, is set in a private suite. The meal can be ordered from our full menu, or guests can choose from a pre-set, four-course menu. The pre-set menu is designed to be an efficient way to serve a meal and provide excellent value, but you are free to opt for the full menu if you prefer. 


The second option, for up to 25 attendees, includes a personal server and bartender for your guests. With this package, you can also choose between the full menu or pre-set four-course meal. 


If your party includes between 25 and 50 guests, the third option will dial up the staff presence and attention. The pre-set menu is the best choice to ensure a timely meal for that many guests.


Trust Sidebar in Edinburg for Your Private Party Needs

We are proud of the private parties we offer at Sidebar, and we would love to show you how we can delight your guests. To experience the extraordinary atmosphere we provide, we invite you to reserve a table today. Once we have impressed you with everything we offer, you can contact our special events coordinator for more information.


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